Although we support our customers with APIs and herbal ingredients, but we decided to support the TMT’s clients from the very beginning, by offering the required brand for them to proceed with their stability tests and bio-equivalence studies. TMT’s technical team are experts in sourcing and supplying pharmaceutical brands and biologicals. TMT supports and supply the customers with pharmaceutical brands from different regions and reference countries all over the world (North America, Europe & Australia). Our Account managers and sales representatives are willing to provide the required services with the best price and quality and that’s the corner stone of TMT’s success. With the loyalty of an ever-increasing customer base, our company will remain in priority.

No-SpaVitamin B12 Sublingual 1000 mcgApo-Selegiline 5mg
DospaxXoterna BreezhalerCialis Tab 20MG
Asda Max. strength cold&fluFansidar tabletsAmoxicillin - Clavulanate Potassium 400-57 mg Chew. Tab.
HidrasecRiametSelegiline 5 mg
Fenofibrate Micronized 200 mgColdrexSpedra 100MG
Sivextro 200mgMigretilClofac 135 mg sugar coated tablet
Relifex 500Benexol B1 B6 B125 ml Augentrpf. Yellox 0,9mg/ml
LEVO-T 50 µgMestinon 60mgTbl Nebilet HCT  5/25mg
LEVO-T 100 µgNebivolol 5mgCreon
LEVO-T 150 µgOlumiant 2MGFlagyl 200mg Suspension
Phloroglucinol 80mg ODTYellox 0.9mg/mlSivextro 200mg
Spasfon lyoc 80 mg TabCopaxone 20mg/mlAbilify 30 mg tablet
Meteoxane CapGLATIRAMER 20mg/mlTrajenta 5 mg
opimol 5mg/5 mg TabSymbyax 12mg/25mgOLUMIANT 2MG
Asmoken 1.5 mg tabSymbyax 3MG/ 25mgFENOFIBRIC ACID 105 MG
Jentadueto 2.5/500 mgSymbyax 6MG/25mgNEXIUM 20 MG
Jentadueto 2.5/850 mgPROGYNOVA 21NEXIUM 40 MG
Seroquel XR 50 mgSpasfon 80mgPENTASA CR 500 MG
Seroquel XR200 mgMeteoxaneFENOFIBRIC ACID 105 MG
Seroquel XR 300 mgCOPAXONE 20MG/ML